Heal’thy Self with Juice

Dave's dilemma...

“I feel the life force is leaving me and I’m not getting any nutrition from the food I eat.” A history of not eating well threw my husband’s digestive system completely out of whack. He no longer enjoyed going out to eat or traveling far from home, just in case he felt an urgent need to ‘go’! No lasting relief came from probiotics and supplements recommended by his doctor or naturopath.

Dave's delight...

I set up our old juicer and with some research on natural digestive support we made a blend of 4 fresh ingredients we already had in the refrigerator. We continued with the miraculous juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and within just a few days he was feeling better.

Donna's dharma...

After witnessing my husband’s rapid improvement, I studied to become a Certified Juice Therapist and committed to helping more people and families to enjoy better health through juicing.

Today I offer individual and family health coaching so you can be social again and not afraid to eat away from home because of the urgent ‘urge’ that often happens right after.

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