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Light Worker, Spiritual Teacher, Health Coach

I see your Inner Light.

I can help you see it too.

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Light Worker - Space Clearing & Blessing

Stuck energy can feel sometimes heavy, painful and dark while not allowing for new life and growth to enter and flourish. A past trauma can leave negative vibes lingering long after an event has occurred. Poor sleep, low energy, a general feeling of discontent while in the space may be a sign of disruptive, chaotic or stagnant energy that needs to be cleared and eliminated.

I can help change this so you can invite Joy and Peace into your home again.

Take Over. 

Coaches - Find Your Divinely Inspired Niche

When you just know, from somewhere deep inside, that you are meant to help others. A natural teacher and leader you often come to the rescue of those in need with a keen sense of knowing just how to turn things around and see the changes they crave.

Take Action.

Awesome Health Seekers

Juicing fresh vegetables, fruits and greens is the fastest, easiest and most delicious way to launch a powerful positive change into your life of better health.

We love celery herbal tonic! It’s the juice everyone is talking about. 

Take Control.

What People Are Saying

Donna is a very kind and gentle spirit and I would recommend anyone dealing with loss or a sense of heaviness in their heart to work with her to find what I found – a peacefulness and a mindset for healing. She is an angel on Earth.


“There was a great sense of peace and closure when we finished. The painful contacts from my deceased partner ended. The house felt peaceful and calm and safe. Things started to improve for me. Thank you Donna and Halo Blessing for sharing this gift with me.”


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