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From my earliest days I craved all things of spirit and found a life goal to seek and understand truth, enjoying decades of learning, reading, experiencing and exploring. It was at a small group event more than 30 years ago where I was given the ‘remembering’ of my own purpose … in part … for this lifetime. As I remembered – I knew I was here to help others remember, too.

      7 Cool Things to Know about Numerology

~ Numerology is scientific, predictable, logical, and reliable. Number 1 always comes before 2 and 3, and number 7 is always after 6 and before 8, and so on. It is a universally agreed structure.

~ Numerology is easy to learn & use. A simple Calendar Code reveals your Personal Energy number every. single. day!

~ Numerology practice strengthens intuition. Witnessing amazing results teaches your brain that you do have the power to know and then manifest according to intention rather than by default as reaction to circumstances.

~ Numerology is natural. Energy flows in simple, easy to understand pathways. Here-in lies the secret to ‘going with the flow’. When you know where the Universe is flowing, where it is going and when, it becomes much easier to place your raft on the river and ride along.

~ Numerology helps predict and plan for better outcomes. Be in the right place at the right time. Schedule events when they are most likely to produce desired results.

~ Numerology is a map of resources, including financial energy flow. It indicates optimal times for investing, spending, saving. When to advertise vs when to wait for the call coming in.

~ Numerology feeds self-knowledge. Your Personal Energy numbers can tell a lot about who you are and how the rest of the world sees you.

 Some easy ways to work with me no matter where you are…

Look at your Personal Numerology and see how you and the world come together. 

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?
On the day you were born, the Universe placed an invisible Badge upon your being so the world would know who you are. Your Badge describes you as others see you, your personality, your strengths, your work interests, your identity. Your Badge Number is calculated as the sum of your birth month and day. 
Adding your birth year to your Badge Number shows your Destiny Number. This number describes the types of experiences you will have all of your life. This is what the Universe offers for your learning, growing, being, serving, doing – life experiences!
An inscribed message at the Temple of Delphi proclaims “Know Thyself”. Your personal number profile serves as an enlightening key to knowing yourself.  
Understanding yourself more deeply, you can then apply the same formula revealing the Badge number of significant people in your life. Relationship dynamics become clear knowing others more intimately.  

Personally empowered in self-knowing, now turn your attention to connections with other people – your relationships. 

Relationship Dynamics
Are we compatible? 
What do we create together?
How do we look together? How do others see us?
What pulls us apart?
What challenges will we have?
What will we need to learn, to accept or acknowledge to go forward?

Your Relationship Numerology Analysis answers all these questions and more.   

Learn to apply Intuitive Numerology to your business, project, or entrepreneurial adventures. 

Breakthrough Business Numerology

Business name analysis 
Calendar Code for Optimal Planning
Where are you NOW in your personal life & business flow?
Feng Shui numerology guidance for your business office to support healthy energy flow

Your Business Numerology Analysis covers all these areas and more.  



    Testimonials & Feedback

“The first time I met Donna was through a work-business group. I was immediately drawn to her positive energy. Her light. Real light. The kind that strikes you in the eye at 815am from your kitchen window, showing you both the beauty and imperfection at once. Few people have the ability to reflect such things back to you….without making you frustrated or angry.

 For a long time I have felt that people and situations seemed to change at random and I could not figure out the “what” of this. What is making them tick? Why did THIS stupid thing happen? Donna walked me through the process of numbers and it made sense, even scientifically. We are all born with a universal badge. Numbers that are assigned to us at birth. In learning about this, I can now understand the what and why about things that happened in the past. And I can use this information to make better decisions about when to communicate and when to be quiet, when to buy and sell, and so on.

The first time I talked with Donna seriously about the numbers game, I was in a state of panic because I had just had a severe car accident that impacted me more than I realized. I broke my foot and had a concussion. Talking with Donna helped me understand the way that the days and numbers impacted my choices and could impact my path forward. I was able to make sense of what had happened, why, and what I should do going forward. I believe this was instrumental in my recovery from this trauma but more importantly, gave me an understanding of the numerical system of things (because it’s all math y’all!) and how it actually works, which can be wielded in your favor, if applied correctly. Donna has a special way of making this number system that guides the Universe easily understandable using simple analogies and stories.

I intend on continuing to work with Donna in learning more about the impact of Numerology in my life and the lives of my family and friends.”

Jo Collins

I had a wonderful numerology session with Donna today. I’ve had other numerology profiles done, but this one was amazing, easy to understand, and gave me the tools I can use to work with it in so many different ways. I can easily use this system myself going forward to understand and plan things on a daily, monthly, yearly basis, and more. I can also do the same for others. She takes the time to explain, in an easy to understand way, and answer any questions. She is a very genuine caring person and is easy to talk to. I enjoyed our time together very much. I highly recommend her services.

Kara Bryant

“Donna really lives and breath numerology. Her enthusiasm about the numbers is quite contagious. I had numerology sessions before but this one was different. she taught me how to use numerology in a very applicable and practical way. A way that can help me to structure my daily life based on the different kind of energy qualities the numbers have.

There are dates where I have more creative energy and other days when I easily can do routine work. This is “go by the flow” in a very clear way. Donna is amazing and her practical spirituality is too.” -Mia Godecke, Feminine Embodiment Coach

“I came across Donna’s offer for a numerology session. At first I was a little skeptical but I decided to willingly suspend my disbelief. I figured if nothing else, I would learn a thing or two. Donna immediately explained to me the science behind the numbers and demonstrated how to calculate my individual numbers. What we found going through this process had me nearly speechless–everything made perfect sense. there were many points during our discussion that gave me cause for pause, wherein I was able to trace the numbers back to events that previously seemed serendipitious at best. one of my favorite things about the session was Donna’s ability to make analogies that were easy to understand and relatable. She also provided me with a handy guide to help me remember each of the numeric values so I could continue analyzing myself going forward. I am definitely a firm believer now in the accuracy and relevance of numerology in my life. I look forward to having some additional sessions with Donna to help me gain even more insight and clarity.” JJ Vorhees

“I had to absorb all that happened. Everything you read has happened. that reading was so on point. It’s been so intense but luckily I was prepared.” Georgia

“Donna, thank you so much for the phenomenal card reading the other night! I’ve never had such an illuminating and clear reading.

I loved that you knew the card meanings so well that you didn’t have to rely on the companion book. and your extensive knowledge of numerology deepened the meaning of each card, bringing a greater understanding.

What really blew me away was the way you were able to connect the card spread into a seamless narrative and give me a very integrated picture of what is going on for me right now and how best to grow through it!

I’m very happy to have had your guidance, THANK YOU!!!!!” Heather

“My numerology session with Donna was very interesting. using my birth date, she gave me some advice on the coming year. She is very well prepared, gives an easy and informed presentation and was very professional” Terra

“Donna was lovely, kind, patient, and very gentle presence. I love numerology! And felt she prevented it in a different way that I am sure to utilize! Donna was a lovely and intuitive a natural healer!” Jessica


Donna Walser


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