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Purpose Driven is Right!!

More than 10 years ago I answered a random question about what I’d like to do if I could do anything I wanted for business. Immediately I said “I would love to teach about the numbers!?” And then quickly followed with “but who even knows what that is about? How could I possibly have a business and income teaching about numbers?” 

Fast forward to now and I am an internationally successful Intuitive Numerology Specialist! Here’s how it happened. In 2020 my office job ended with the pandemic shut-downs and I had to decide what to do next. Nobody was hiring for my skills or interest, so I turned inward and decided it was high time I do what I was born for! I’ve been intuitive, spiritually inclined and mystically driven since childhood, so I turned to offering readings online. I posted for free sessions just to figure it all out and offered Tarot, Energy Work, and Numerology sessions. Over the course of a few months, I found the most interest in Numerology, and decided to focus on that. 

During a session with my favorite energy coach, I mentioned how I started doing readings and she asked to have a session with me, a paid session! Well, she was so impressed with what I was able to share that she signed me up to teach a masterclass to her private group and a private 1:1 session with each member.  

That was January 2021 and today I have clients around the world (thank you internet and Zoom), I teach a masterclass twice a month, and I created an online course of Numerology for Business Success.

I found so many clients asking for follow-up sessions, and saw the need for a way to offer guidance ongoing. While meditating I was inspired to create a Numerology calendar with helpful messages every day of the year. It took some months of dedicated work, late hours at my desk, my husband helped with proofreading, and I sought expert advice from people who write and publish their own work. I discovered a driving purpose to do this work, to help others and meanwhile build a strong business. 

Today I am honored and proud to share my first self-published book available on Amazon. It just launched and our first copy arrived at home.  

I want to encourage others to stay with it! If you sense purpose – there’s a reason for that! Go within, meditate and find the answers. On a personal note – if I did not know what I do about Numerology, I might have given up and felt like a loser on this project. BUT – knowing what I do – I KNEW it was the right time to do the thing and I went with it.

Living with the flow is quite easy when you know where it is!

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