Create the Life of Your Dreams

At a Vision Board Workshop

Most of us have some idea of what we’d like to be, do and have in this lifetime. Something we’d like to accomplish. Some inner nudging to make a difference. But what kind of idea is it, exactly? How clear is the vision we hold for our tomorrows and the day after? How sharp is the focus on what you really want to attract into your reality? Do you really know what you want? Perhaps easier to answer … you probably know pretty keenly what you don’t want.

Clear focus brings clear outcomes while vague notions create vague results.

We often live day-to-day responding and reacting to what’s around us and meanwhile hold a shy and quiet, inner desire, aching to take a breath and be alive!

If only we had the time and a place to go, to join with others like us, to imagine a sparkling clear vision and then create a powerful map to that Happy Outcome. 

Recipe for a Perfect Vision Board Workshop


Clarity – powerful processes to know what you really want

Content – all the tools to create your personal map to joy

Community – power of many supports each and every one

What is Not Having a Vision Costing You?


Confusion – it’s difficult to know where to begin with so many pieces of life to keep up with and, how do you know when you’ve succeeded?

Chaos – constantly responding to life’s challenges rather than driving the changes you want to see is exhausting and drains the life-force you were meant to love live with.

Closed off – unable to connect with yourself or others you miss out on being, doing and having what you truly want. Like-minded vision-makers help each other achieve more than any one of us could alone.

Imagine YOUR Dream Life - Just Waiting for YOU to Design It.

10:15 – arrive and make yourself comfortable
introductions, opening session, review day plan,
grounding meditation, intention setting,
visionboard side 1

Noonish – let the fun with scissors and paste begin
visionboard side 2

4:00 – show and share (if you like) often the most fun part at the end of the day, closing session, review follow-up plan.

light snacks and drinks are available throughout the day



  • Connection with like-minded ladies (positive power of many for each and every one)

  • Clarity on what you really want (no more settling for someone else’s dream)

  • Everything you need to create your own personal powerful Vision Board (you may want to bring personal photos)

  • Space to map out your ideal outcome in key areas of your life (this event is for you)

  • A helpful releasing technique to clear away anything unwanted that comes up (letting go)

  • Your finished Vision Board to bring the resonance of your dream home with you

  • Full day of peace, inspiration, freedom, coaching and guidance to create a clear and magical map to your personally designed future. (Now truly is your time!)

things to note ...


  • Weather permitting, we will be outdoors for the initial grounding meditation session. You’ll be invited to take your shoes off, mingle barefoot in the grass, if you like, while we connect our energies, ground and center. 
  • Light snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. You may bring a bag lunch if you want something more substantial. We have several teas and plenty of spring water to make your own tea or coffee. 


  • All crafting materials are provided  however you may want to bring personal photos of yourself or loved ones to place in your vision. 


BONUS for early registration ...


  • Magical genie bottles to hold beautiful focus for prayers and wishes. (limited supply)
  • Free membership in our secret power-group
  • Free newsletter subscription – updates, mentoring, future events announcements.
  • Numerology profile to easily align with your vision board cycles of manifestation.


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