Life Vision Clarity Mini-Retreat for Women in Rural Orange County, NC

Our Next Session will be Scheduled for January, 2020
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Do you want to know what your inner calling is?

Have you been looking for a sign, something to show you the way to knowing your true self and purpose?

Have you been busy living everyone else’s dreams for so long you’ve forgotten your own?

Do you even know what you want let alone how to have it?

Your Wish Is Granted!

Our exclusive mini-retreat is made for you, providing the safe space, expert guidance
and supportive group to awaken the voice of your inner being and invite her
to take a breath.

 The Proven Power of Having a Vision

“…most important thing gained is clarity about what really calls to me. I lived for everyone else’s wants and needs for so long that I forgot I had my own. A deep sense of meaning has been ignited that propels me forward. I feel purpose and intention and great joy about knowing my way.”


“Last year I had the privilege of attending one of Donna’s visionboard workshops. What a delightful day! Creating my board was a fun process and inspired me to put attention on my most important life goals. I experienced an emotional connection with my dreams and realized I could open the door to the field of all possibilities and allow those dreams to become visions and to manifest in my life. The board brought clarification to what I ultimately want in life and forced me to document it via my visionboard. Currently, my visionboard is on the wall above my desk bringing my dreams and visions to life on a daily basis.
Thank you Donna!”


Vision work is proven to be so successful that celebrities, sports figures, business masters around the world use it to build, create, and manifest their highest goals and dreams. You can do the same with your own ideas, goals, wishes and dreams.

  • Oprah made vision boards a household phrase when she talked about creating her own.
  • Katy Perry was nine years old when she made her first vision board, holding the golden award.
  • John Assaraf created a vision board with his dream house and five years later moved into the exact house without even knowing it.
  • Ellen DeGeneres created a vision board with herself being on the cover of Oprah’s O magazine. Oprah was always the only cover girl until it finally happened and Ellen made the cover!

Relax, take a deep breath, look around at your life as if it is a movie projected in front of you. Do you like what you see? Is there something you’d like to change or see differently? This is your first clue from a generous Universe showing you where you can make that difference. If you’re ready to explore creating and manifesting the life you truly dream of and were meant to experience …

 … you’re invited to an exclusive vision clarity mini-retreat where you will

– experience deep connection to your own inner power propelling you forward with inspiration, desire and intention;

– gain clarity on your direction, what truly calls to you, to know your purpose and honor your wishes, what you really meant to accomplish in this life;

 – develop powerful tools to serve as reminder, inspiration, motivator for the next day and the day after and the day after;

– take home the best retreat ‘souvenir’ ever! Your personally designed vision board to serve as a daily attractor to your most desired and manifested wishes;

 – be part of a community of women supporting each other’s vision, adding the potential to magnify our powers, creating beyond what any of us could alone.


Where the Magic Happens

We offer this retreat in our private home. Enjoy a peaceful respite in nature with a soothing seasonal waterfall, surrounded by calm, tranquility and comfort. Attendance is limited so everyone enjoys an expansive space to do the work and take home powerful results at the end of the day.

Vegetarian / vegan refreshments are provided along with all materials needed.

We share our home with pets so please be aware if you are sensitive. Shanti-Kitty is super shy and you probably won’t even see her. Our yellow lab, Gracie-Girl, loves everyone so we’ll keep her upstairs out of everyone’s way.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Donna Walser and I am delighted to offer this retreat for you. The mysterious world has always called me to listen up, take note and teach what I know.  After decades of studying, learning, reading, experiencing and remembering – the marvelous Universe conspired to put me right where I am today with an inner desire and undeniable urge to spread joy and light and love.  As a master student of the Law of Attraction and manifesting it’s truly an honor to do this work for you. In addition to teaching meditation and writing on spiritual topics, the vision retreats offer a warm and personal opportunity to share my gifts. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to live my vision of giving.

Visualization is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, living with your ideal partner, doing your ideal work, enjoying ideal travels … your brain trains your body, mind, actions for that reality and draws it into your life.

Life visioning is so much more than pretty posters on the wall!

BONUS for early registration …

First three ladies to complete registration receive a handcrafted Halo Charmer Pendulum Bracelet  Free. Additional Charmers available for sale at the event.
[$29 value].
A pendulum is an ideal personal intuition tool for finding answers to pressing questions, decisions and choices.

Life without vision is like going on a very long trip with no map or directions.
You will get somewhere but, is it where you really want to be?

How much longer are you willing to live your life by the wishes hopes and dreams of everyone but your own?

Take this day for yourself. Decide it is time for you to have and do and be what you really, really want in life.
You are enough and you deserve this!

Itty Bitty Details

9:30 – Arrive, mingle, find your spot and settle in

10:00 – Group connection and opening meditation [outdoors with good weather]

10:30 – Sessions begin!

3:30 – Sharing as we close sessions [This part is always popular as ladies love to share and support each other

4:00 – Closing meditation, hugs and farewells

Total Cost $99.
Includes all materials, supplies and tools needed plus refreshments to keep you satisfied and happy all day. 

Please note that our schedule is a flexible outline and throughout the day we will go with flow rather than chase the clock. All times noted above are approximate.

Things to know …

  • Weather permitting, we will be outdoors for the initial grounding meditation session. You’ll be invited to take your shoes off, mingle barefoot in the grass, if you like, while we connect our energies, ground and center.
  • All materials are provided. You may want to bring personal photos of yourself or loved ones to include in your vision. 

Please email me at with any questions or concerns. Once you complete registration an email with all the big fat details including address, directions, full menu of refreshments will be sent your way so you know what to expect and how to plan for the best vision event ever! 

Thank you!

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