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Walk into a room where a heated argument just happened and you can feel it in the air. That same prickly residual energy floating around can build up and attach to the walls and furniture and whatever else is in the space. Over time the room just doesn’t feel good to be in and you’re glad to walk out. Any intense emotion, positive or negative has the tendency to build up, intensify and linger over time. A sudden tragedy may be so intense that the very walls seem to weep with sadness and nobody feels good in the space.

If you are still suffering from a trauma in your home you may need my help.  Do nightmares, negative thoughts, feelings of fear and guilt and doubt fill your mind whenever you’re in this space? Do people argue and find it difficult to relax and feel peaceful? Do painful memories keep you from seeing joy and peace in your home? You may be trying to plant your garden of good feelings in a bed of rocks and weeds.

This can be fixed! The leftover difficult energy embedded in your rooms can be cleared and eliminated.. When this is done, and the psychic clutter has been removed – everyone feels better, more creative and healthier. New space feels abundant and opportunities open up. Life gets easier when the emotional and mental burdens no longer wear you down. The change is sometimes so rapid you will wonder at how suddenly happiness is in reach, again.

This work is very intimate. It requires a personal visit to your home which is scheduled only after a brief phone call where we will talk about your concerns. After this call I will follow up to confirm an appointment where we will work together to do the blessing work. Please send me an email so we schedule a free call to talk about making this powerful change in your personal space.

A Blessing Session can take up to 2 hours and requires the presence of at least one adult at the home to assist with the process. After our work is complete, I will invite you to follow up and let me know how you are feeling. Occasionally a home will require a second visit which may be scheduled 1-3 months later. 

I am here to serve and sending you much Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation for the opportunity to help you and your space reunite in peace, love, and joy!


What People Are Saying

After my wife passed tragically in June of 2016, Mrs. Walser was a saving grace for me. There was a heaviness that filled my home and I didn’t know if I would be able to stay and deal with the idea of moving on and dealing with my sorrow and loss. She was very kind to perform two house cleansing ceremonies that I believe helped guide my wife’s spirit to her rest and gave me a sense of lightness in my heart to help me through the rough times ahead. Donna is a very kind and gentle spirit and I would recommend anyone dealing with loss or with a sense of heaviness in their heart to work with Donna to find what I found was a peacefulness and a mindset for healing. She is an angel on Earth.


“There was a great sense of peace and closure when we finished. The painful contacts from my deceased partner ended. The house felt peaceful and calm and safe. Things started to improve for me. Thank you Donna and Halo Blessing for sharing this gift with me.”


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