What's My Magical Super Power?

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“I love helping women, who are imagining a brighter tomorrow, to create simple, spiritual practices that bring clarity, calm and control so they can wield their personal power and accomplish the higher purpose they were born for.”

Know Your Personal Inner Light-Being

Learn to discern and master your world.  What we think about we bring about. 

Not all the thoughts you think are coming from you.
Not every thought that occurs to you belongs to you. Not every thought deserves your attention.

Thinking differently is magical!

Remember How to Wield your Power

Guided meditations are powerful in taking your mind on a journey of new intention.

Repetition is magically effective in developing powerful new mind-mastery practices.

Visualize and fully embrace the powerful truth of who you are now and who you are blossoming to be.

Transform Your Inner Presence of Joy

Ahh. Light work expresses love.

It is my passion to help as many people as possible to remember their infinite source, timeless being and personal divinity so they can bring to life the gift they were born to share. We’re all waiting for us! It’s time for remembering!

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