Meet Donna, Spiritual Enthusiast

It is an honor to live as a Rememberer.

Inner Vision glows remarkably bright when reflected in the eyes of each other.

In addition to being a Certified Juice Therapist, I practice as a joyful light-worker, meditation teacher, priestess, visionary, spiritual coach, numerologist, tarot reader, astrologer, writer, science lover, crystal & stone practitioner, flower picker, essential oil user, mystic intuitive, energy healer, jewelry maker, gardener, spreader of love and peace, dancer, painter, mystic practitioner, craft-maker, miracle worker, hiker of the forest, student of life and love.

I feel like I have been in spiritual training since early childhood days. Decades of learning, reading, experiencing and remembering. It was at a small group event more than 30 years ago where I was given the ‘remembering’ of my own purpose … in part … for this lifetime. As I remembered – I knew I was here to help others remember, too.

I enjoy the study and practice of natural healing modalities, holistic nutrition, energy work, meditation, including some favorites –  Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, LaHo-Chi, Psych-K, Color Light Healing, EFT (Tapping), Access Consciousness, juicing for health and vitality, vision dream boards and …

A Course In Miracles is my daily teacher, guide, light-way, comforter and companion.

After a corporate contractor position came to a close I saw and felt the opportunity to answer my true inner calling. This website holds a collection of several of the amazing ways I’ve been led and guided and taught to give service, offer love and help and blessings to others all part of that inner calling. I am getting better at hearing the voices of those in need, those I can best connect with to perhaps ease their journey or share some energy for making life better and better. Please accept my personal invitation to speak up… I’m here for you.

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